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Prada - "Prada Made In..." Collection

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"Made In Italy" is a small tag that often resides touching the back of your neck, hidden somewhere clandestine and is a comforting notion of quality and dedication known to the wearer and not flaunted to the world. The words, "Made In..." doesn't simply translate a fact of where the garment is produced, but it conveys the concept of a country, of its tradition, people and craftsmanship, and each culture and country has specific items and skill sets indigenous to its land. Sure, Italian luxury house, Prada, may have been quite the epitome of "Made In Italy", measuring luxury and opulence, tailoring and gorgeous leather work, but the label's visionary founder, Mario Prada (also the grandfather of Miuccia Prada), often traveled the world pursuing new ideas and skilled craftsman for revolutionary designs. Passionate miles later, Prada became a incredible connoisseur of the world, knowing who is the best at making something, and how to find them.

Drawing on Prada's heritage for scouring the world for excellence and luxury, Prada has embarked on the "Prada Made In..." project, recruiting the best artisans around the world who are experts of their craft. Prada jet set to India, Scotland, Japan, and Peru for the first portion of the project, and has tapped into the local expertise for a curation of products. For instance, Prada created a collection of wool tartan kilts from original UK workshops with centuries-old weaving and manufacturing techniques; created accessories such as ballerina flats and handbags with traditional Indian Chikan (a type of embroidery); denim from Japan's DOVA; and alpaca wool knitwear crafted using artisanal techniques from the Peruvian workshop of campesinos.

Take a look at the preview of the "Prada Made In..." collection, and stay tuned as Prada continues to walk the world to bring us the cream of the crop from nooks and crannies of the Earth.