Burton - Fall/Winter 2010 - Combo Under Glove


Whether your imaginative self wants to be Mickey Mouse, an astronaut for NASA or a slithering Cobra, you can now let your dreams take flight in the winter wonderland. Not to be confused with a full body costume, Burton has created gloves in three combo variations in which you can play dress-up with on your hands. Don't mistake these for just fun and games, as these gloves are capable of keeping your hands protected and snug while you hit the snow.

Popular amongst, but not limited to snowboarders, Burton is known worldwide for all its winter outdoors clothing and paraphernalia. This new collection of Burton Combo Under Gloves shows that effective winter outdoor gear doesn't have to be boring by combining function and design. Giving the user full control, these gloves feature "Sticky Icky Grip" for a sturdy grasp and "Pistol Grip Shape" allowing your fingers to move at ease. If you are feeling them, you can get yours from STLESS.