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Bing x Jay-Z - Decoded | Campaign

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This is when we suppose "Binging" can get more fun than "Googling". If we think of Google as a mindless, automatic feeder of information at times irrelevant, Bing is making things interactive by making its users hunt for information, and not just within the cyber space with a keyboard and internet connection. The latest Bing project with entrepreneur-hip-hop-giant-personified, Jay-Z, gives the Jigga fans access pages from the rapper's upcoming book, Decoded.

However, the story doesn't end with scanned or Kindle pages of the book. The campaign stretches into the realm of online interactive gaming and physical treasure hunt. Pages from the book will be physically places around the world (majority of which are located in the Big Apple), and five to 10 new pages will be revealed daily both online and in person. Each page is placed in a location relevant to its content, and can be anywhere from swimming pools to pool tables and high-end designer clothing racks. Once the player locates a page, they can get credit for it online and if it is in a physical location, the player can text a unique game code. Players will be entered into drawings to win a signed copy of the page they have located, and the grand prize is two tickets to see Jay-Z and Coldplay in concert on New Year's Eve.

The game is not only built upon Microsoft technology, but also features a variety of Bing features from Bing Entertainment to Bing Maps, giving the users a reason to test out these applications on Bing.

Kudos for getting users physically invested in Bing with the help of Jigga, and can we say perhaps this is the first step to Bing's plan in denting the Google online reign?