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Peanuts x OriginalFake - 60 Years World Tour T-Shirt

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Peanuts x OriginalFake T-Shirt Black 2

Charles M. Shulz first illustrated the Peanuts in the 1950s and to this day, the Peanuts gang, and particularly  Charlie Brown's beagle Snoopy , are favorite amongst children and adults alike around the world. Special Project Consulting are producing the Peanuts 60 Years World Tour which includes various fashion brands. One of the participating brand is OriginalFake and they have produced two specially designed t-shirts for the project. The graphics on the t-shirt shows Snoopy sporting a sunglasses with XX printed on the eyes wearing a yellow Joe Kaws top, leaning against bright red dog house. There are black and white t-shirt body color available with Peanuts and OriginalFake logos on the back neck section. White version will be sold at OriginalFake store in Tokyo.

5-3-25 Minami-Aoyama Oh Bldg. B1 FL | Map
Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan
TEL #: +81-03-3499-3333

Peanuts x OriginalFake T-Shirt White

Peanuts x OriginalFake T-Shirt Black