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Playbutton - Music You Can Wear

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A discreet little accessory, Playbutton carries your listening pleasures, either on your blazer, shirt, or dress - unifying fashion and technology to create music you can wear. This smart little device is meant for pre-recorded materials, such as artist albums or compilations. The Playbutton features basic controls, play/pause, skip and volume, as well as a combination audio output and battery charger shared in one jack.

Just as any traditional button, the device is structured with a pin in the back. The button can be customized and designed with album art or what may correspond to the content. Economically designed, the Playbutton weighs a mere 10.8 grams and runs on a re-chargeable lithium battery in stainless steel closing. Designed and manufactured locally by Parte LCC in New York, the Playbutton will be ready for production starting next month. More information on the Playbutton is available on their website.