Skittles - See David Phoenix Gets Bury Alive With 2 Million Skittles | Live Event


Want to be "dazzled" by a rainbow? How about drown in one, literally? After a grueling train regiment, the "incredibly talented and dangerously handsome" (in PR's words) David Phoenix challenges fans of those chewable sweets, Skittles, to bury him with the colorful sensations. With audacious statement like "Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, but I was the first man to walk on Neil Armstrong." One has to wonder if Phoenix is in his right mind. To watch the feat of David Phoenix vs. 2 Million Skittles, log onto Skittles Facebook page for the LIVE burial now! Drown Phoenix!

*NOTE* David Phoenix vs. Skittles Fans - Skittles WON!
Statement by Skittles Facebook Admin "We are victorious! David Phoenix is defeated. We knew one man could not take on the awesome power of The Rainbow. It took just 10 hours! 14 hours early! But where did that man leg it to?