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Terry Richardson x Reebok – Classics Collection Campaign on Vice Magazine

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There are a few ways to go about refreshing a label. One, to bring in new products and hence change the makeup of the brand, or two, bring in a fresh perspective so the old line looks completely new from another angle. In this case, Reebok revives its Fall/Winter 2010 Classics Collection with a bang, roping in fashion’s most iconoclastic photographer, Terry Richardson for a New York shoot for Vice Magazine.

New York-based photographer, Richardson, is best known for his provocative images that pushed the audience’ boundaries for comfort, often in terms of exploring sexuality, and pairing up classics with Richardson not only gives the brand a decidedly New York vision for the campaign, but also gives Reebok a provocative, energetic edge.

The shoot includes key products such as the vintage performance Paris Runner, the CL Nylon which had been popular since 1986, the Berlin and new models from the Fly Generation line such as the edgy Ree Funk and Ree Down.

Matt Elek, Group Publisher of Vice Magazine, might have said it best– “The shoot was definitely a lot of fun, there is a natural synergy between the magazine’s bold and provocative nature, and Reebok’s challenger brand mentality”.