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adidas Originals OT Tech Hiker Boots

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Inspired by the fashion forward streets of Tokyo, adidas Originals' OT Tech collection is a reflection of the great Asian city which had swept the world with color, energy, Pokemon, and Harajuku girls. While bleached blonde hair and maid uniforms are not quite a part of the OT Tech equation (with OT referring to Originals Tokyo), the collection does embody the coveted Tokyo street style that is one part simple, one part functional, one part lively, and everything youthful. One of the most popular silhouettes from the Fall/Winter 2010 season is the Hiker Boots, which we had previewed and discussed for a while. This pair which had just hit colette is one of the more eye-catching numbers with white crosses embroidered on its tumbled leather upper. The hiking boot silhouette suggests less so the "set a bear trap and make some squirrel jerky" aesthetic, but more of a "I'm rugged and ready for the city" vibe. The boots has been kept cool and contemporary in black with blue accents in the rope laces and midsoles. The jagged tooth edge signature to the OT Tech pack lines the boots, and D-ring pays tribute to the hiking roots. The shoes are also crafted with Gore Tex to remind all that style is quite as important as function.