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Kanye West - "Runaway" Film | Debut Announcement

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The luck few who had been selected to attend the premiere Kanye West's film "Runaway" which had been held around the globe had lauded the film to be "ambitious" and "great looking". Yeezy's directorial debut will finally be available for all to peruse and will debut on MTV on October 23 at 8PM EST, followed by a live Q&A session. According to Sir Yeezy, the concept of the film with accompanies his upcoming LP My Dark Twisted Fantasy is about redemption:

"It's the story of a phoenix fallen to Earth, and I make her my girlfriend, and people discriminate against her and eventually she has to burn herself alive and go back to her world," he told New York magazine. "I've been feeling the idea of the phoenix. It's been in my heart for a while. It's maybe parallel to my career. I threw a Molotov cocktail on my career last year, in a way, and I had to come back as a better person."'

Check out the trailer for the film, and if you are stunned by how amazing everyone looks, it is because the costumes had been designed by Philip Lim. via: MTV