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Nike Grid - Run Your City

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Think of it as Foursquare but with running. Nike Grid appeals to one of the two basest human instincts--gathering. To promote running culture for Fall/Winter 2010, Nike has not only been organizing night group runs, collaborations (with Jun Takahashi on Gyakusou International Running Association) but has also released a new online interactive application which turns running into a game. Nike Grid turns London into a game board with 48 check-in points, and urges all to run the whole city to unlock and collect badges as one laces up and runs through the city. Create a team, run with friends, run with your classmates, log in with Facebook and share your run which will start on October 22 at 6pm. Change up your Friday night schedule, give up that pint and get rid of that beer belly by running your way through the city. Don't forget, no taking the bus, no taxi, no cheating. Cheaters will get points brutally taken off. Check out the video for more information.