Nike - Winter 2011 Preview Installation | Melbourne + Sydney Preview


Down on the other hemisphere, things are a little different. Don't twist your brain thinking about this, we are just talking about the weather. Since those living down under in Australia experience the opposite seasonal cycle from the rest of us up here (save New Zealand who is down there as well), their fashion seasons operate differently as well. Hence, Nike had recently previewed the Winter 2011 collection over in Sydney and Melbourne (what is meant to be Spring/Summer 2011 for those on this side of the world).

The showcase was a spectacular one as Nike took over Sydney's B Studios and created four separate spaces from different materials to unveil the story of the upcoming season. Attendees will walk through the installation but the collection and actual brand DNA will only be fully revealed after the attendees are in the actual space. The collection also features a collaboration for Federation Francaise de Football, and the new Lunar Eclipse model. via: SF