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Apple Unveils New MacBook Air

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Bigger doesn't mean better, and shall we say, the latest release from Apple will probably win a stamp of approval from Karl Lagerfeld, because it is thin, so thin, and it is better. The new MacBook Air has been unveiled earlier today at Cupertino, CA, and the concept, according to Apple's overlord and CEO, Steve Jobs, was "what if a MacBook and an iPad hooked up?" So, there it goes, the answer to the teasing "Back To Mac" ads is a new generation of MacBook Air which operates on Flash storage, has a multitouch trackpad, the new version of Mac OSX, aka, the "Lion", and a high resolution display that will be unforgiving on any blemish, and a FaceTime camera.

As for how this is like the other Apple mobile devices, Apple will not only be selling the hardware, but also controlling where the user gets access of the software. The new MacBook also gets a boost in battery life, and boasts up to 5-7 hours when surfing web over WiFi, and 30 hours of standby, just like the iPad. The new MacBook Air is currently available for purchase off the Apple site in two sizes, 13.3-inch and 11.6-inch. Brown document holder from the commercial are not included in purchase.