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APPLEBUM - Ya Busta Denim Jacket

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Ya Busta Denim Jacket 6

It is said that denim from Okayama prefecture in Japan produces the best denim, and APPLEBUM have gone to Okayama to source the best denim they can find. This Ya Busta denim jacket uses indigo colored 13 ounce denim with classic tonal stitching and brass buttons for an authentic feel. Turn the jacket over and it reveals a message from APPLEBUM that attacks mediocre fashion designers and brands. On the right rear hem of the jacket is a red leather patch that has been embossed to imitate basketball material. Adjustable straps are situated on both sides of the hem and two buttoned front pockets are located on the chest.

Ya Busta Denim Jacket

Ya Busta Denim Jacket 2

Ya Busta Denim Jacket 3

Ya Busta Denim Jacket 4