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HECTIC – October 2010 | New Releases

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New releases for the October from HECTIC is all about preparing for the cold weather, as three versions of hoodie, thermal long sleeve shirts, wool pants and belts have just launched. In the usual HECTIC style, the hoodies are colorful yet wearable, and each accented by custom hood pulls that feature zig zag prints. If the hoodies don’t keep you warm, then try the earth-toned thermal long sleeve shirts. Legs are not forgotten either as their Wool 3D Pocket pants should keep the pins warm as well. Detailed with numerous rivets the Punk Rock O Ring belts will keep the pants from sagging too low. All of the items are currently available at HECTIC stores and stockists.

Alphabet Circle Hoodie

Alphabet Circle Hoodie 2

Chain Stitch Hoodie

Chain Stitch Hoodie 2

False Heros Hoodie

False Heros Hoodie 2

Thermal Long Sleeve

Thermal Long Sleeve 2

Thermal Long Sleeve 3

Wool 3D Pocket Pants 2

Wool 3D Pocket Pants

Punk ROck O Ring Belt