Heineken x Gourmet - Quattro C

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In the adorable, rock-steady electro hop princess, Uffie's own words, "Rockin' high tops and sayin' no to stilettos 'Cause I might get drunk off my ass and I don't wanna fall", there seems to be some universal truth in a collaboration between sneakers and booze.

Heineken and Gourmet selected the latter's beloved Quattro C sneaker, and gave it the Heineken treatment with a Heineken green heel tape and translucent logo label on the ankle. The rest of the sneakers are kept simple and clean in black (resistant to spills) brushed cotton canvas, with white laces and soles. The sneakers are a part of a special influencers' gifting program, and will be seeded to tastemakers around the world. Hoping for a pair? We are not saying the odds are great, but if one of the influencers are willing to part with theirs, these may appear on eBay.