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LEGO DIY Follow Focus Control For Canon EOS 5D Mark II HDSLR

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The advent of digital SLR still cameras with the ability to record HD video, like the Canon 5D Mark II, has been a crucial game changer in both the fields of photography and videography. It also became an equalizer of sort, level the playing field between amateur and professional. However, the highly capable gears also meant pricey accessories, especially those essential to quality video production. Such add-on, like follow focus control, crucial for seamless zooming-in and out of focus, could cost nearly half as much of the camera itself. With a rig, monitor, microphone, and etc... the accessories themselves would easily double the SLR's price. To avoid such exuberant cost, many turned to DIY process with the most unlikely raw materials LEGO. As documented Japanese blog HDV, the art of turning random plastic bricks in a fully functional tool is quite amazing. The blog also include a step-by-step guide and a shop list of what LEGO parts to acquire. The result is a much needed tool at one-tenth of the cost. via: HDV // Vincent Laforet