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Marshall Headphones

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Having lived through multiple music eras since the early 1960's, Marshall has proven to withstand the test of time. It has become what you may call the grandfather of musical amplifiers. Having been part of countless bands and traveled for close to a century, it is needless to say that Marshall has grown to be a reputable name. Zound Industries has recently partnered up with Marshall, in the quest to produce what may be one of the most beautiful integrations of classic, iconic and functional. They created a brand new Marshall that you can now wear on your head and listen through your ears, and your ears only the Marshall headphones.

The eye catching Marshall headphones are designed distinctly in the brand's image and form. It is classically devised in black and gold, and like icing on the cake, it features the iconic white on black scheme with the "Marshall" signature on the headband. The Marshall headphones have been spotted around trade shows throughout the year, and has stirred up great anticipation for people anxiously looking to own one of these gems. However, wait no more, the official release is scheduled to be on November 15th of this year. Join the countdown by checking out their website for more information.