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Burton iDiom – 3L Jacket

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It is clear that the Burton iDiom collection is not playing around when it comes to high performance jackets. The latest 3L jacket is made from nylon material that has been treated with three layers of laminate for extreme waterproofing, wind proofing, and it also helps to retain heat inside the jacket. To improve on the waterproofing, water resistant taped seams are used on the zippers are used and inner seams are all taped as well. A special HAAKEN pocket is equipped on the jacket for goggles. Plenty of compartments are located on the jacket, and there is a detachable elastic hem that aids heat retention. Last but not least, there is the all black version and Light Pattern version with bright neon yellow lining. via: Noah’s Ark

3L Jacket Light Pattern

3L Jacket Light Pattern 2

3L Jacket Light Pattern 3

3L Jacket Light Pattern 4

3L Jacket Light Pattern 5

3L Jacket Light Pattern 6

3L Jacket

3L Jacket 2

3L Jacket 3

3L Jacket 4

3L Jacket 5

3L Jacket 6