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TRON x Oakley - Limited Edition 3D Gascan Eyewear

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Though studios and directors pushed the creative boundaries of film with 3D presentation format, much of the products to come out from consumer end of the spectrum have fell short. That was till now as performance eyewear maker Oakley announced a new initiative in the market of 3D eyewear. Momentum on this new direction will kick off with a limited edition 3D Gascan series for TRON: Legacy, the highly anticipated 3D film by Disney. Set to open on December 17th, 2010, the film is a continuation of the original TRON plot line, which at it's time was a triumph of dazzling special effects.

In addition to Oakley's renowned visual clarity and fidelity elements, the new eyewear will incorporate HDO-3D, the first optically correct 3D eyewear in the world. This means no unwanted side effects such as "ghosting" and distortions. Another feature is the increase in curvature of the Gascan frame comparing to its peers on the market. Greater curvature equals a greater field of view and additional clarity not found on 3D eyewears. Comes in a custom Microclear bad, with both the eyewear and packaging adorned with new TRON: Legacy graphics, the TRON x Oakley 3D Gascan Eyewear will be available for $150 in November at select Oakley retailers worldwide.