adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott - Spring/Summer 2011 | Pre-Order


It hasn't event started snowing yet, but Opening Ceremony is determined to educate us into consumers with foresight, and has gotten us thinking about our shopping allocations for Spring/Summer 2011. And who else can generate as much flaming interest as Sir Jeremy Scott, the gentleman of some-at-times-not-very-gentlemanly- irreverence? In four days, some sneakers from the adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott line-up including the notorious plush "Snuggle" bear sneakers will be available for pre-order (in both pink and brown versions, which ever tickles your snuggly, childhood fancy). Also, the infamous wings get a little power up and threatens to fly out of stores in blazing speed as the high top sneakers which had adopted the JS Wings 2.0 silhouette now come with a gradient fire upper with flames of glory.

The pre-order will start on Monday, so get your finances in order so you won't have to scramble and fight for these when they release.