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Conan O'Brien - Vote For Conan's First Guest On The Premiere Show

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During his much publicized and contentious fight with his former employer, the network NBC, late night television host Conan O'Brien became an unlikely advocate for social medias like Twitter and Facebook. As the premiere of his new show on cable network TBS approaches, O'Brien is turning to his social media fanbase once again. This time, they can "get their hands dirty" by voting 12 potential candidates to be the first guest of Conan O'Brien. The list of potential guests crosses the spectrum of celebrityhood, obscurity, benign to the absurd. From His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, actor Jack Nicholson, teen sensation Justin Bieber, to famously reclusive author Thomas Pynchon, Nobel Prize winner Gerhard Ertl, and more. Curious to see the resulting interaction between an unlikely guest and O'Brien? Or just simply curious to see if the guest actually exist in real life (in the case of Thomas Pynchon)? Simply log into O'Brien's TEAM COCO website for more detail.