Kanye West - Censored Album Cover on iTunes + "Runaway" Full Video


Kanye West has the world enthralled, not just with the debut of "Runaway" on MTV this past Saturday, but also with a small saga of album cover art controversy for his latest "My Beautiful Dark Twiste Fantasy" album. Some of the album art, created by artist George Condo, had first been deemed inappropriate by Def Jam, and now, iTunes is using a censored version of the aforementioned inappropriate cover. While the mosaic-censored version comes with all your iTunes purchase, the physical album will feature the cover with a ballerina.

Meanwhile, Kanye's "Runaway" debut, starring himself and the beautiful Selita Ebanks, had received wide acclaims and has been lauded by critics and fans alike. In his surrealist directorial debut, Kanye belts out various tunes we had previously heard online, such as the eponymous "Runaway". Check out the full-length video for "Runaway" after the jump, and enjoy as Yeezy cements his spot in the world as an artist, a director, a fearless rapper and man of good taste. Yeezy has dazzled so much that we are almost tempted to say, "Taylor Swift--who?". via: Nah Right/MTV