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Solid Line - iPad Case With Built-in Keyboard

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No matter what Apple evangelists insist that one will get used to the touchscreen keyboard on the iPhone and the iPad, there is no denying that just because someone is used to the soundless strokes doesn't mean one doesn't miss the satisfying "clickety-clack" of an actual, orthodox keyboard. In comes Solid Line to the rescue, killing two birds with one amazing case. The new leather iPad case from Solid Line not only boasts protection with bycast leather, but it also comes built-in with a Bluetooth 2.0 silicone keyboard. The case also allows its user to prop up the iPad, and can we just say, this case may just single-handedly inspire all to disown their laptops when traveling? To secure yours, head on to AHAlife, but be quick about it because AHAlife works on a slightly nerve-wrecking, ultra-curated selling schedule of one product a day. So if you miss out on it today, there is only the abyss of wait-listing.