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D&G - Limited Edition Swarovski Ski Mask

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On a clear day, the powder on the slopes are often annoyingly blinding, and that's when lovers of the slopes put on their ski masks and declare the sun's dazzling effort futile. For a more defiant spin? Get D&G's latest limited edition Swarovski crystal encrusted ski mask on, and bedazzle the slopes right back. The new limited edition ski masks have arrived just in time for the glamazons readying themselves for Aspen, and will only be available at D&G boutiques in London, Milan, Paris, and New York.

Each ski mask is crafted in Italy, and features more than 2,500 crystals painstakingly applied by hand. Each ski mask is individually numbered, and luxury aside, the masks do feature double lens and anti-fog system for a superior technical win. The masks come in four colors, blue, red, silver and gold, and each comes specially packaged in a quilted nylon sac inspired by puffy jackets on slopes.