Jim Campbell - LIVE [NIKE] | Video


You missed the deadline. For most creative types, they are the four words we cringe at. The simple statement we scream and run the other direction from. After he missed the deadline for the NIKE78 initiative this summer, graphic artist Jim Campbell (SomeOfMyWork) decided to take a vacation. Not to escape the self-loathness, another common symptom when a deadline is missed. Instead, Campbell went on to complete the project. The resulting work, LIVE [NIKE], is a compilation of still photos of Campbell and his trusted stead, a pair Nike Air Max 2003, traversing across 11 European cities (Manchester, London, Paris, Nice, Genova, Milan, Zurich, Frankfurt, Brussels, Edinburgh and Nairn).

With just his Canon 550D, 35mm Carl Zeiss lens, and a Iscorama anamorphic attachment, Campbell pointed each shot of his Air Max at ankle level. The finished stop-motion short bear resemblance to a dated vacation home movie, done through the prospective of the Air Max themselves.