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2010 Halloween Bearbrick 1

"Trick or Treat", it reads on the back of the 2010 Halloween BE@RBRICK. It is that time of the year again, and MEDICOM TOY has tweaked the figure to another level this year. It is no longer just a figure, but it is equipped with LED light inside the belly that lights up. The head of the toy acts as the switch that turns the LED on, and one can simply push it down to turn it on and off. Apart from the LED, the BE@RBRICK is printed in black, purple, green and orange for a full Halloween style along with bats and horns. The head has also been treated with a glow in the dark paint for that extra spookiness. via: BE@RBRICKMANIA

2010 Halloween Bearbrick

2010 Halloween Bearbrick 5

2010 Halloween Bearbrick 2

2010 Halloween Bearbrick 4