Apple Delays White iPhone 4 and Rumored To Cancel White iPhone 4 Entirely


If there is an entertainment equivalent, the saga of the Apple White iPhone 4 release is almost like an insatiable terrible day-time drama with a cliff hanger at the end of every episode. As rumors sprout in healthy abundance, everyone seems to have developed their own theories on when and where the holy grail of the iPhone 4, the clean and holy white version will be hitting racks. Sadly, the latest confirmation from Apple is that the White iPhone 4 will be delayed once again until next spring, and so this dashes all hopes of the coveted device hitting your nearest Apple Store by Christmas time.

While the delay is confirmed by Apple, the more devastating might be a new rumour that Apple would be canceling the white iPhone 4 entirely, since its Spring release in February/March would be too close to the refresh to the entire iPhone (hence iPhone 5 is likely to be announced in June/July). Perhaps, the white iPhone 4 is but a distant dream, but a white iPhone 5? How is that for a cliff hanger in the days of Apple's lives? via: Digital Daily/BGR