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Barbara Krueger - "Taking Place" Exhibition | @ Stedelijk Museum

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American artist, Barbara Krueger is known for her work heavily steeped in reactions towards consumerism and feminism, and aesthetically, has defined her style with texts layered over classic advertising images to create provocative images. This year, Krueger has opened up a new exhibition, "Taking Place" at the Stedelijk Museum, and has taken up the museum's largest gallery space, the Hall of Honor. The entire space has been lined from wall to floor in black and white, emotionally charged and provocative statements Krueger is known for.

The installation explores the relationship between the viewer and the exhibition, and how the audience' behavior and decorum can affect and perhaps disrupt the traditional museum space.

The exhibition will be running through the end of early January next year, so if you happen to visit Netherlands, do make a point to visit! via: DB