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Mister Cartoon x VANS OTW - New Advocate | Video

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VANS has proved itself to be an influential monument, because it is making history. Evolution of VANS led them to develop the maturated quality VANS OTW collection to bridge the gap between VANS Classics and VANS Vault. To recognize the line's achievement, VANS recently released a campaign on their website featuring videos of VANS advocates speaking out the impacts caused by the shoes.

One of the featured videos includes Mister Cartoon, a LA-based tattoo artist who is also a car enthusiast, particularly with low riders. Being a creative, he was also involved in prior collaborations with G-Shock and Nike. In the video, Mister Cartoon tells us the significance of the VANS and how the label was a substantial part of his childhood, his crushes and his current adult life.