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Nook Color from Barnes & Noble

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With Christmas just around the corner, Barnes & Noble announced today their entry into the color tablet market with the Nook Color. The fairly successful original Nook with 20% of the e-reader market is sticking around for those who just need a simple black and white e-reader priced at $149. The Nook Color is built on the Android platform featuring a 7-inch color touchscreen, built-in WiFi and 8GB of storage priced aggressively at just $249. Other specs include a microSD slot within a 0.48-inch thick body weighing at 15.6 ounces but with the small-body specs and price, B&N only has a WiFi option available. While Android is the underlying software, Barnes & Noble is launching the Nook Developer program to allow Nook specific third party apps on the device. Look for the Nook Color November 19th but pre-orders are available now.