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Stussy x World Workers - Harajuku Ltd. Collection

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Harajuku Ltd

Japanese work wear brand World Workers hails from Okayama, the holy land of Japanese denim, and their styles are contemporary for today's selective customers. Stussy Japan's flagship store, the Harajuku Chapter reached out to World Workers for limited edition collection. Key feature on all of these items is the 'Stussy Tokyo Chapter' embroidery above the chest pockets. Orthodox styles span from flannel shirt to denim shirt and hickory shirt to work jacket. Each is designed with enough functionality and minimalist touch that will prove to be timeless. All of these items are currently available exclusively to Stussy Harajuku Chapter flagship store in Japan.

Harajuku Ltd. WW Liner Work Jacket

Harajuku Ltd. WW Flannel Shirt

Harajuku Ltd. WW Hakeme Denim Shirt

Harajuku Ltd. WW Old Hickory Shirt

Harajuku Ltd. WW Nep Denim Pant