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adidas Basketball - "Fast Don't Lie" Ft. Dwight Howard + Ken Jeong | Premiere Tonight

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A pet cheetah, a Benjamin pile and a sky whip? If you can have all of these in mansion built from gold, you will know you have arrived, and Slim Chin has definitely arrived. With a red carpet rolled out for him. How do you get there? According to Slim (played by The Hangover's Ken Jeong)and Dwight Howard, it's simple, just by being fast. Wait-- super fast. After adidas Basketball had debuted the music video of "Fast Don't Lie" featuring both Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard, in celebrating and campaigning for their new signature shoe, the adiZero Rose and the adidas Beast respectively, Dwight Howard's portion of the commercial in the "Fast Don't Lie" campaign will be debuting tonight, and will be running for the upcoming weeks on ESPN, Comedy Central, TNT, BET, MTV, and Cartoon Network.

Since we are all about the fast, watch the video here first, and then on TV later. And, if you want Howard's game and be fast like a beast, "The Beast" will be dropping on November 12 exclusively at Footlocker and Eastbay.