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THE NORTH FACE Purple Label - "Gore-Tex" Trench Coat

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As we all know, THE NORTH FACE is not exactly what you call business formal or even business casual. However this time around, it looks like the label has stepped out of its norm and created a "ready for anything" trench coat you can wear to your important business meetings. THE NORTH FACE Purple Label "Gore-tex" Trench Coat does not only function according to its appearance. In other words, you don't just look good in it, because the coat remains highly functional and true to the brand's outdoors durability.

The "Gore-tex" Trench Coat is constructed to be tough, using cotton bonded with "Gore-tex" fabric. You never have to worry about ruining your business coat in unpleasant weather conditions anymore.

The coat comes in three colors, Black, Charcoal Gray and Beige.