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Asics - Gel-Yeti Indy

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Gel Yeti Indy Beige 5

Asics produced the Gel-Yeti as shoes to be worn after trail running, and the latest Gel-Yeti Indy takes on the same DNA as the trail running style. The biggest feature of this footwear is the Easy Fitting system which allows its wearer to tighten up the shoes in one pull of the shoe laces. It wraps around the foot smoothly, ensuring comfort and the least amount of effort put into tightening. This is important for athletes who are tired from the trail running activities. Rugged, thick sole is integrated with the GEL technology that absorbs shock and provides cushioning for the wearer in demanding conditions. The moccasin-like design is also wearable in urban environments, and visually, it is bound to turn heads. via: mita sneakers

Gel Yeti Indy 2

Gel Yeti Indy

Gel Yeti Indy 3

Gel Yeti Indy Beige 3

Gel Yeti Indy Beige 2

Gel Yeti Indy Beige

Gel Yeti Indy Beige 4