Ford - Fiesta R2 Rally Kit

Fiesta R2 Rally Kit

Think Ford Fiesta is all cute songs, city streets and 40 HWY MPG? Let's take everything back to Ken Block's Gymkhana 3 video, where he pushed the Ford Fiesta rally car to the limit (of which the Youtube sensation of a video could really be a legitimate ad for the car as well) and put it through some amazing drifts. Now, the public can also turn their Ford Fiesta into the same amazing rally car with the R2 Rally Tuning Kit, designed by M Sport, who has been Ford's WRC partner since 1997.

The kit comprises of a five-speed sequential gear box, Reiger adjustable dampers, Eibach springs, ventilated disc brakes and new parts like pistons, camshafts, injectors, air filters and more. The new upgraded Ford Fiesta R2 can produce up to 168 horsepower and 134-lbs of torque.

Now, do you still think the Fiesta is just about its gas efficiency? via: Autoblog

Fiesta R2 Rally Kit

Fiesta R2 Rally Kit