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S/DOUBLE - New T-Shirts

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S-Double T-Shirt

Street wear as we know it might not be where it is without the legendary designer, Shawn Stussy. Since he had left the Stussy brand a while back, he has been slowly building up his own label, S/DOUBLE, and here we preview the new t-shirts directly from the legend himself. The direction of the S/Double brand is much more mature and nostalgic, and it probably attributes to Stussy growing out of the youthful days. However, the playful graphics are accompanied by a catchy font, which is the backbone of Stussy's style, and that remains unchanged. All five designs will be available in limited numbers at the S/DOUBLE online store.

Wrestler T-Shirt

Trenchtown T-Shirt

Gansta Lean T-Shirt

Chickflick T-Shirt

Citroen T-Shirt