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Supra - Holiday 2010 - Bandit

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British skateboarder Tom Penny is one stylish skater, and the latest Supra signature model, Bandit, puts no shame to his style. Two solid yet contrasting color schemes are produced as part of the Holiday 2010 release. The Black and Red Waxed Canvas TUF version shows definite influence from the sneaker/basketball scene in the classic athletic colorway. TUF material is also handy for hardcore skaters who just can't stop shredding through their sneakers. On the other hand, the Camel Suede version reminisces of outdoor boots style with Earthy tones and bright red round shoe laces. Both of these models are currently available at Supra stockists world wide.

Bandit Camel Suede

Bandit Camel Suede 2

Bandit Camel Suede 3

Bandit BLack and Red Waxed Canvas TUF

Bandit BLack and Red Waxed Canvas TUF 2

Bandit BLack and Red Waxed Canvas TUF 3