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HEAD PORTER Plus – Down Vest

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Down Vest Beige 5

When it comes to attention to detail, HEAD PORTER Plus from Tokyo knows a thing or two. Coming from manufacturing great quality bags and accessories, they put the same concept onto their apparel line. The latest Down Vest is a minimalist piece that is timeless and highly wearable. Two versions are created in Beige or Black colorways and the orthodox design will lend itself to many styles. Functionality is not overlooked either with zip and snap button combination tightly sealing in heat and few pockets are equipped on the inside. Perforated cow leathers are used on the shoulder portion that contrasts against nylon material on the rest of the vest. via: Noah’s Ark

Down Vest Beige

Down Vest Beige 2

Down Vest Beige 3

Down Vest Beige 4

Down Vest Beige 6

Down Vest Black

Down Vest Black 2

Down Vest Black 3

Down Vest Black 4

Down Vest Black 5

Down Vest Black 6