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INFLUENCERS: How Trends and Creativity Becomes Contagious | Video

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Arguably the center of the world, New York City, is perhaps the one of the first cities in the world to experience a new trend or idea going from a single person or a small group of people, to becoming a full-fledged, mass market deal. In R+I Creative's new film, INFLUENCERS, the directors, Paul Rojanathra and Davis Johnson attempt to understand how trends and creativity become contagious; how influencers exert their influence, and how something grows from a happening into a phenomenon. The short documentary features interviews with New York City's leading creatives from art to design to music, such as Jeff Staple, Dao Yi of Public School, and Rob Stone and Jon Cohen of Cornerstone. Learn how an influencer is an influencer, and check out the video.

The documentary is also a part of an online experience which includes a special mixtape by Baptman to drop on November 10, and an in-depth look into the cast.