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KIKS TYO - Basic Ox Shirts

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Basic Ox Shirt White 3

Sometimes t-shirts are too casual and a semi-formal attire is required. However, if you do not want to reach out to the fashion brands, KIKS TYO has the item you might be looking for. The Basic Ox Shirts are more or less basic oxford shirts. Rest assured KIKS TYO have left enough street aesthetics on the shirt to retain your personality. A small KIKS TYO logo and a sneaker is embroidered on the left chest to subtly hint your love for sneakers. And, if that is not enough, the inner lining of the front buttons are lined with custom designed KIKS TYO camouflage. Four colors are prepared ranging from White, Pink, Sax to Black to suit the occasion.

Basic Ox Shirt White
Basic Ox Shirt White 2

Basic Ox Shirt White 4

Basic Ox Shirt Sax

Basic Ox Shirt Pink

Basic Ox Shirt Black