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Always a step ahead with innovative designs and functionalities, NOOKA just keeps surprising us with their never-ending new ideas like the luxurious NOOKA ZAZ WT L, and also not limited to watches anymore, their futuristic Mercury Sunglasses Collection. Looks like this time, NOOKA is making a special tribute to left-handed or ambidextrous individuals with the new ZUB ZAYU watch. And no, they did not forget the right-handed fans of NOOKA. Derived from the Japanese word "sayu', meaning left and right, the ZUB ZAYU is an asymmetrical watch, ergonomically designed and curved to be a comfortable fit on either wrist.

The watch is designed with the hour "time capsule" graphic display, and it is the first NOOKA timepiece to feature "sleepmode" permitting your watch's batteries to last much longer.

Not only is the watch going to be a treat, the ZUB ZAYU will also be debuted in the new Eco-friendly packaging, the NOOKA Gem Box. This is NOOKA's brand new collaboration with SiliconZone. Inspired by NOOKA's gem shape, the two innovative companies designed the packaging with cooking grade silicone, featuring a built in c-ring. You can now show off your brand new watch, as well as your favorite snacks in the Gem Box.

The ZUB ZAYU comes in an array of five color schemes, black, grey, yellow, magenta and cyan. It is currently available only to pre-order at NOOKA.