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The North Face - Mountain Jacket

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Mountain Jacket Red 4

The Mountain Jacket from The North Face is a staple jacket that uses proven functional design and it is loved by many from the outdoor scene, snow sports scene and of course from the street scene. Nylon taffeta exterior material is used with ProShell in 2 layers and stretchable Gore-Tex material on the shoulder sections for flexibility in movement. However the most striking feature of the jacket is the two tone red color combination that is eye catching and also acts as safety feature. Large zipped pockets are located on the front of the jacket and draw strings enable snug fitting to contain heat inside the jacket. Regardless to say this jacket is water proofed and wind proofed for serious outdoor activity. via: ARKWAX

Mountain Jacket Red

Mountain Jacket Red 2

Mountain Jacket Red 3

Mountain Jacket Red 5

Mountain Jacket Red 6

Mountain Jacket Red 7