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MUGEN – 2010 Honda CR-Z | For SEMA 2010

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CR-Z 1

Honda impressed the crowd with twelve distinctly modified CR-Z were on display at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. These collection of cars show the different faces of the CR-Z and what could be possible with a little bit of imagination and careful planning. The CR-Z MUGEN is wrapped in aerodynamic body kit, larger front grill, rear wing and 17 inch aluminum rims. Only 300 of the MUGEN versions will be produced and each is equipped with a serialized plaque for authenticity. These are scheduled for release around the Spring time next year, so keen buyers should inquire to their local Honda dealers for more information. via: WCF

CR-Z 15

CR-Z 16

CR-Z 13

CR-Z 14

CR-Z 11

CR-Z 12

CR-Z 9

CR-Z 10

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