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UNDFTD Fall 2010 | Delivery 4

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Fall 2010-10

UNDFTD are rolling out their fourth delivery from the Fall 2010 collection and the items are heavily influenced by military and anti war graphics unlike the previous third delivery. Most notable are the graphics that play on the theme and especially with phrases such as "Casualties of War", "No Guts, No Glory" and "Army vs Army". Five strike logos are also used in various pieces as well as UNDFTD lettering. The releases include sweat tops, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, t-shirts and sweat pants. All of the items will be available at all UNDFTD stores and online stores from Friday, November 5th.

Fall 2010-1
Fall 2010-2

Fall 2010-3

Fall 2010-4

Fall 2010-5

Fall 2010-6

Fall 2010-7

Fall 2010-8

Fall 2010-9

Fall 2010-11
Fall 2010-12

Fall 2010-13

Fall 2010-14