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adidas Originals - A.039 PASSLINE

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Not to say it's right to judge by the cover, but would it change what you wear today if often women say that shoes can determine what a man is all about? Not only that, but shoes are also essential in your daily life it keeps you going through out your day. Now wouldn't you want something that can offer comfort and appeal, without having to sacrifice one or the other? adidas Originals heard your needs and has the answer, the A.039 PASSLINE.

The A.039 PASSLINE is the all-in-one, classic, casual and comfort shoe. The new low-top A.039 Passline is a new kick from the more mature A.039 line-up, and seems to fuse a few things into one clean and fresh silhouette-- the chukkah, a low-top plimsolls, running and a little bit of hiking all rolled into one. This version is crafted from clean grey suede and retains the Originals spirit with a A.039 Pantone blue lining. Moreover, these kicks are feather light, perfect for just about anything. Who said you had to choose between looking good and feeling good? via: SDG