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Dunderdon - Fall/Winter 2010 | Available Now

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The Swedes, along with its Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish neighbors, are part of that exclusive confederation of functional design. Innovative and simplified, both are something of near necessity when set against the bleak backdrop of the Arctic Circle, and a tradition quite obvious in Dunderdon. It is workwear, Scandinavian style, and founded by a true tradesman, carpenter Per-Ivan Hagberg, Dunderdon clothing are thoughtful in design. Thus, it is not one of those run-of-the-mills uniforms; instead, each article of clothing is filled with particularities meant for different designated crafts. These ideals translate in their truest definition each season, including the Fall and Winter 2010 Collection.

A richness not in the form of color or fantastical shapes, but in monochromatic renditions and casual silhouettes, the new collection is a flash of navy, grey or earthly bound colors, all interrupted by soft forms that are neither slouch nor tight but just enough slack for seamless transition from work to home. So do take home a piece of Sweden and the Scandinavian mindset with Dunderdon Fall/Winter 2010 Collection, available at Dunderdon retail locations, its online store, and Street Casuals.

Dunderdon Workshop New York
25 Howard Street | Map
New York, NY 10013
TEL #: 212-226-4040