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LG - L-03C Phone Camera

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Camera phone? Or Phone camera? So the definition seems to go, if the device is based off a camera, then it is a phone camera, and if it is based off a phone (usually hinting at a lackluster camera performance), then it's a camera phone. Either way, Panasonic, and now LG in the mix, the lines between both seem to be getting blurrier. LG had just released the L-03C phone camera, which comes equipped with 3x optical zoom, 12 mega pixel CCD sensor, and the powerful Xenon flash. The phone camera retains the traditional styling of a digital compact camera, but, it does come packed with phone functions and you are indeed allowed to make calls. via: engadget

Sadly, the new L-03C will not be making its way to the stateside anytime soon, as it is signed to Japan's NTT DoCoMo, and will be available in Japan this coming January.