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Levi's x Cone Mills - Limited Edition 505 Denim

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Levi's and Cone Mills have collaborated on a limited edition run of the Levi's 505 style jeans. The 505 model from Levi's was originally released in 1967 and is cut slimmer than the San Francisco-based brand's signature 501 style. The collaboration with Cone Mills is a great merger of two American brands who both have rich histories. The Cone Mills story actually dates all the way back to 1845 when it's founder, Herman Kahn, moved with his sister's family from Germany to the United States in search for a new beginning. Upon arriving in America the family began to grow and over time began to acquire various cotton and denim mills, some of which produce the high quality denim that Cone Mills is known for today. The Levi's x Cone Mills Limited Edition 505 Denim will be available at the Levi's San Francisco flagship space as well as the new Levi's Concept Store in New York City's Meatpacking district and will retail at a price of $178 USD. via HB