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Nike Sportswear - Destroy To Create | Video

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Destroy and create may reside on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of physical manifestation, but for some of the more romantic or philosophical, or those who worship the Hindu god Shiva the destroyer/ transformer, to destroy is just as synonymous to creation as making something is. To make way for new things, we often need to destroy the old, tear down old buildings and beliefs for new thoughts and innovations. And sometimes, to destroy is to give something a new life-- for instance, before 9/11, the Twin Towers were really no more than just skyscrapers, but afterwards, they have become a symbol for something greater. In launching Nike Sportswear's now ubiquitous Destroyers Jacket, the label delved into the paradox (or harmony) of destruction and creation, and created a campaign, "Destroy To Create".

Aside from an extensive showcase of work by creatives working in various medium and fields, ranging from music to sports and art (for instance, this weekend at Nike 1948 with Mark Cavendish and Duffy, I Have Pop, Harry Malt and Tim Barber, Frank from the Gallows, and Emiliano Liberatori from Frith Street Tattoos), Nike Sportswear had also released two videos for the campaign, illustrating the beauty of destruction that can arise from something as simple as smashing a mirror with a basketball. Remember to check out the second video after the jump, and also, keep in mind the new Destroyers Jacket will be hitting stores on November 18.