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Sprint ZTE Peel - Turn Your iPod Touch into a Sprint iPhone

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For the investment, you might as well just get an iPhone, but what if you already have an iPod Touch and are already locked into a contract else where. Sprint just introduced a slip on case called the ZTE Peel (one might confuse it as an extended battery pack) that will turn a second or third generation iPod Touch into a pseudo iPhone. The product is pretty genius for the price of $80 plus a $30 a month 1GB allowance (contract free), it's basically a MiFi unit that's been sculpted into a wrap around case for an iPod Touch so yes, you can use the Peel as a portable WiFi device as well. While most will opt of a real iPhone 4 with its sleek and slim size for those who already have an iPod Touch and want the ability to make calls from it and have a portable WiFi device the ZTE Peel is a pretty cool add on option. Look for the ZTE Peel from Sprint starting November 14th.